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new rule, everyone, any dumbass comments i find stupid will be flagged as spam 

5 deviants said ok que :v
Alright, so as you know, a while back, I planned to do a version of 'Dat Intelligence' with Master and Nibiru as the spais, and a few other characters of mine as background characters.

My computer's memory was wiped when it was redone, and I copied my shit wrong, it's ALLLLL gone, now...including what I've worked on for the animation.

So I don't feel like do all that shit again...this won't be an animation, but more of almost a comic sorta thing if that makes sense...the characters still will be acting out their movements, but it'll be more of just single frames, and speech bubbles appear upon a character speaking containing what the character says, if that makes sense.

If it doesn't make about a month or so when it's done, you'll see, it'll make sense, it will, don't you worry :U But this means the Story of Evil project will be knocked back a few months, for that's going to be much nearer and cleaner lines and colour, and it'll require much more time. It's easier to get this outta the way first, then have the summer to finished the Story of Evil series with Master and Nibs.

So the order of roles played by each character(not in order of when they appear)...:

Spai #1: Master
Spai #2: Nibiru
Spai #3:Comet
BLU Spai: Doctor #3
BLU Engineer: Solar Beam
BLU Scout: The Brig.
BLU Medic: Rainbow Flash(She's a joke OC but I kinda like her :V)
RED Medic: Wheatley(Friend's ponysona)
RED Sniper:Waffles(Other friend's ponysona)
BLU Administrator: Princess Aquarius
RED Heavy: Melodie
BLU Pyro: Crimson
RED Engie: Millie
BLU Soldier: Alessa
BLU Sniper: Margeret
BLU Heavy: Storm Runner
BLU Medic #2: Moonrise
RED Demoman: Princess Epileptic 


PrimeFighterQue's Profile Picture
I like turtles :3
United States
Alright, let's take a moment to pretend we give a fuck about Miss.PrimeFighter, here :V let me just start rattling off some shit about myself to you.

I live on Earth, in the USA, in Maryland
I currently live in the little town of Bel-Air
I can't stand all the people who live here
I like My Little Pony
I am a Whovian
I do enjoy motor sports such as F-1, Indie Car and NASCAR racing
I do like intelligent conversation
I consider myself an astronomical genius
I can hardly spell, however.
I am always tired
I know over 9,000 pointless facts
My favour colour is blue
For all of you wondering, my favorite Doctor is the 4th
I've almost died several times before
I am horrified of heights, never take me on a roller coaster
And yes, I do like turtles
And butter
I cannot draw humans
I've watched almost every episode of Dr.Who. At Christmas time I stopped on the 2nd Doctor and STILL haven't picked back up...
I've watched every episode of DragonBall Z and GT
I enjoy making gadgets and building things

Alicorn OCs can be original by JazyKuun This Looks Like My OC, IT'S STOLEN OBVIOUSLY by endler Cranky if not Fed Stamp by Blackie0275That Awkward Moment Stamp by kittykat01Truckie Stamp by francoslavic-banterTF2 RED Stamp by kyphoscoliosisHeadshot Stamp by francoslavic-banterTF2 Badge: Sniper by ElStamporooniosBe Kind To Your Snipers by ElStamporooniosSniper Rage RED by EddiesCouchCan't Think Of A Title For This One by crazylaura64Thomas' O-Face Stamp by MysteryEzekudeI draw what I want stamp by izka197make Art, not War by Cataclysm-XBanhammer Massacre by Illogical-LynxI Love Meat by CynpaiSnoipin' Is A Good Job Mate by ElStamporooniosTeam Fortress 2: AUTOBALANCE by ElStamporooniosTF2 Soldier Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nI Solve Practical Problems by redscoutplzTF2 - Support Drunken Demos by Stamps-By-MephieKing Sombra Stamp #2 by Anzu18Character design stamp by SA948-StampsIt's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Now where's my bucket of popcorn? by PandaSenninLaugh :D by Kelsey-KatAnother Believe it Or Not Stamp by endlerIt's Not Just Installed Into Kids by endlerStupid comments by GoldchildRabid bronies and pegasisters by prosaixHappier S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKidMale In Female Body Stamp by OckGal::Respect:: by mimblewimbleNo Wonder You're An Ass! by British-Prophetess

NOTICE: If I block you for being a dumbass, it's because I have better thing to do than argue with some random over the internet...not because "lol u scare i win" :I.

Block List:

Name's on the list? Want your name on this list taken down? Sorry, m8.

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Fricknoodle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey hey hey hey hey hey im back!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I haven't talked in a while I was  trying to art good. oh yea have you got xbox live gold yet? lol we always wanted to play with each other
Oh hai!! :la: I haven't been playing much Xbox since my brother does league races in the one game with a group, and he's been hogging it up, so I haven't gotten a chance to play, really :noes: As soon as that's over for the rest of the year, then yeah, I'll start to play moar, and get Xbox live again, finally :3
Fricknoodle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Haha my brother is hogging the xbox too! he always plays Mw3 and I pretty much don't get to play. xDD im bored
Ahh shame xP So how've you been? :3
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perfectlyplushie Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the watch!
I my custom going well?
ShiveringCanvas Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the FAV Hug 
The-NewZealand-Brony Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Sorry but i never used her
You can have the points if shes sold???
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